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We teach Strength Training to beginners. If you have never stepped foot in the gym, or if it has been a while, let us show you how to get started.

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Seriously Strong Training’s Flagship gym. This is where it all started. This location features turf, rubber flooring, top-of-the-line Rogue Fitness gym equipment, and a highly trained staff. Our Tallahassee team has been serving the community since 2014.

St. Petersburg

Seriously Strong Training’s first expansion is located in St. Petersburg, Florida. We wanted to see if we could take everything we learned from opening our first gym in Tallahassee and replicate it in a new city to bring high-quality personal training to the Tampa Bay area. We’ve been working with the wonderful people of St. Pete since 2018.


The Seriously Strong Training Tampa location is located in Seminole Heights. It is surrounded by fellow St. Pete businesses like Cappy’s Pizza, Independent Bar, and Grassroots Kava House. There is even a Tallahassee business we know and love, Ology Brewing. It just felt right, so in 2023, we set up shop too.



We believe you do things that consistently bring you joy, and the things that bring you joy are typically things you are good at doing. We’ve created an entire gym & personal training experience to show you how to become a strength training expert.

Your workouts will include a combination of custom training techniques and full body exercises that will build your muscles, burn your fat, and tone your body while building your confidence.

Strength Training with us is different than other gyms. When you train here you’re getting lessons. Information & skills you will carry for the rest of your life. Spend a few months with us to learn strength training. Spend the rest of your life pursuing it.

Serious Success Stories

Read success stories to learn why Seriously Strong Training has become the go-to personal training team for achieving serious results.

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