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We believe you do things that consistently bring you joy, and the things that bring you joy are typically things you are good at doing. We’ve created an entire gym & personal training experience to help you find love for strength training.

Strength Training with us is different than other gyms. When you train here you’re getting lessons. Information & skills you will carry for the rest of your life. Spend a few months with us to learn strength training. Spend the rest of your life pursuing it.

We started in Tallahassee in 2014 by providing a small gym atmosphere with big gym amenities. There are no hidden fees. You’re not going to find bosu balls, ellipticals, or Zumba classes in our gyms. No gimmicks, tricks, or jerks. What you will find are barbells, benches, and badass, friendly people that live strength training every day.

We strive to create an environment where everyone belongs. There are no outsiders at Seriously Strong Training. Our gyms are filled with welcoming, warm people that know your name and who want to share their passion with you.

Our Core Values

The Human Element

The Human Element is a reminder to never forget what is at the core of life—our humanity. Each of us is doing the best with what we have, and it is our duty to each other to make life better every day. Remember names, practice empathy, and give hugs when they are needed. 

Big on the Little Things

The little things are what define us, and we believe the way you do anything is the way you do everything. The little things sometimes aren’t noticed until they’re gone, but that isn’t an excuse to forgo them. Our team focuses on the small details that add up to a big experience, because the sum of the parts certainly does not equal the whole.

Growth & Development

We believe that if you aren’t growing, you are withering away. Every member of our team is obsessed with growing every single day, and Seriously Strong Training is built around this principle. Reach for your potential, and when you get close, reach a little higher.

Leadership at All Levels

Everyone at Seriously Strong Training practices extreme ownership. This is a mentality to never pass the buck. To never stay silent when we see something that can be improved.  To never say, “it isn’t my responsibility”. Our coaches are empowered to lead at all levels—this means that even the newest members of our team are responsible for helping the most senior staff improve.

Our Leaders