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THe SST Internship Program

The Internship Program is the hiring process for everyone at Seriously Strong Training. It ensures that we maintain the incredibly high standards our clients expect from Tallahassee’s highest rated personal trainers. It is 250 hours of shadowing, lectures, and mentoring sessions that will deliver years of experience in three months.

We want to help you become a NSCA Certified Personal Trainer, but you will gain so much more from the Seriously Strong Internship Program. Anyone can study the NSCA text and pass the exam. Okay not everyone. It has a ~50% fail rate. But Seriously Strong Strength Trainers have a 100% pass rate, and that is because each week for 12 weeks you will apply the knowledge you learn from the text to actual training sessions.

In addition to the textbook knowledge you will learn:

  • how to coach compound lifts
  • mobility drills & protocols
  • flexibility programs
  • nutrition coaching
  • corrective exercise
  • programming for beginner, intermediate, and advanced clients

The Seriously Strong Internship Program creates the most educated, capable, and effective personal trainers in Tallahassee.

The Selection PRocess

  1. Submit your application below. Do a good job–this is your first impression so make it count. Applicants will be judged on thorough, well-written answers that show your affinity for strength training.
  2. We will review your application and contact you to schedule a brief phone interview. Don’t sweat this–we just want to get a chance to know you.
  3. Following the phone interview you will be invited to the gym for a tour and to accompany the senior staff for a lunch interview. There’s no need memorize answers to standard interview questions here. We don’t believe in that stuff anyways. This is when you will learn more about our company, tell us about yourself, and see if we have a future together.
  4. Next is a shadowing day. You will schedule a time to come to the gym to watch our strength trainers interact with clients and see what a day in the life of a Seriously Strong Strength Trainer is like.
  5. If you’ve made it this far you’ve got nothing left to do. The senior staff will meet to compare all candidates for the upcoming internship and give you the thumbs up or down. Have you ever seen Gladiator? Yea. Like that.

The Internship Process

If you are selected for the internship program you will be assigned a mentor. Your mentor will be your guide for your first year with Seriously Strong Training. They will ensure you become a phenomenal strength trainer through daily coaching and weekly lectures.

Your mentor will coach you through the internship process and help you bring up any weak points along the way to passing the NSCA-CPT exam. Upon meeting the 250 hour internship requirement and passing the NSCA-CPT exam you will be officially recognized as a Strength Trainer at your induction ceremony. Welcome to the team.

What are you waiting for?

If you love strength training, and see a career in the fitness field click the link below to submit your application.

We are currently looking for a Summer 2018 intern.

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