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We grow fast, and we’re looking for people that want to grow fast with us.

THe SST Internship Program

Every strength trainer at Seriously Strong Training has gone through the SST Internship Program. It’s a three month program designed to develop your skills as a personal trainer and as a strength coach. You will be assigned a mentor who will help you through every step of the process.

You will learn our systems, our values, what makes training here unique, and will be guided through the NSCA certification process. You will receive coaching on your own weightlifting to elevate mastery, and you will learn to coach the big lifts along with accessory movements, mobility work, and corrective exercises.

Month One

Get introduced to the team & our clients. Receive your study materials for the NSCA exam and begin to shadow senior staff members while they work. Ask questions. Get knowledge.

Month two

Begin to teach clients exercises & plan programs with the assistance of your mentor. Make mistakes. Learn from them.

Month Three

Finish studying for your exam. Run entire training sessions while your mentor observes and provides feedback. Pass your exam.

Upon completion of the SST Internship Program you will have earned the opportunity to join our team as a strength trainer. Unlike most gyms where you have to find your own clientele or wait for them to be assigned, at SST you will have already built strong relationships with clients who are itching to train with you when you become certified.

Your growth and development doesn’t stop here. The SST team meets weekly for continued education, shared discussion, and personal development.



-High School Diploma

-Total of 250 hours shadowing SST Staff & Minimum of 3 months

-1 year of consistent strength training


-Bachelor’s Degree

-Total of 250 hours shadowing SST Staff & Minimum of 3 months

-2+ years of consistent strength training


Next Available Internship Opportunity is Summer 2018


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