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Get guaranteed results from our Tallahassee personal trainers by using the MacroCycle system. The MacroCycle is a data-driven, proven process for delivering the results you’re after.

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Triple Action Fat Loss

Strength Training burns fat during exercise, after exercise through EPOC (Excess Post-exercise Oxygen Consumption), and permanently increases your metabolism through increased muscle mass.

The Macrocycle System

Seriously Strong Training’s proven process to guarantee your results. This is the system used to ensure you are always on your best path to success. Your training program will be continually optimized so you experience rapid progress.

21st Century Technology

You live in the 21st century, and you deserve an approach to fitness that uses all of the tools & technology the modern world brings. Phone applications, around the clock accountability, visual comparisons, and instant feedback.

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Triple Action Fat Loss

Macrocycle System Experts

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Gustavo Ramos Director of Operations

Gustavo, “Goose”, is the Director of Operations at Seriously Strong Training Tallahassee with a Masters’s in Exercise Physiology from Florida State University. Gustavo is responsible for the education of all strength trainers at SST and creates training materials to ensure our coaches are always at the top of their game. Goose has been a part of our team since 2016.

Brittney Kinsey Head Trainer

Brittney “BK” Kinsey is the Head Trainer at Seriously Strong Training Tallahassee and joined our team of personal trainers in 2022. BK was a collegiate basketball player and has transformed her love for the sport into helping others get fit. BK oversees the personal training of all clients at SST and helps our Tallahassee clients get in the best shape of their lives.

Serious Success Stories

Read some success stories and learn why Seriously Strong Training Tallassee has become the go-to personal training team for achieving serious results.

Tallahassee Articles

Serious Guide to Gyms in Tallahassee

We saved you some searching and compiled a list of the gyms in Tallahassee. In this article, you can read our opinion on different gyms from a personal trainer’s perspective. We like to keep tabs on all the gyms in town so we know where to send our personal training clients. We are most experienced with the gyms near the center of Tallahassee or around our gym on Park Ave.

Serious Guide to Group Fitness Tallahassee

We don’t offer group fitness, but sometimes it’s the best complement to personal training. This list has all the group fitness gyms in Tallahassee you might consider going to if you aren’t looking for a personal trainer or you just want to supplement that one-on-one attention.

Athena's Top 5 Diet Friendly Tallahassee Restaurants

Athena put together her five favorite restaurants in Tallahassee she frequented as a personal training client during her weight loss journey. The restaurants on this list kept her sane, and kept Keith employed as a personal trainer.

Tallahassee Health Partner: Athletic & Family Chiropractic

Athletic & Family Chiropractic is our trusted office in Tallahassee for helping our personal training clients out of pain. Dr. Van Tassel and his team are the professionals our personal trainers rely on for their own ailments, and we’re proud to partner our gym with them.

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