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Group fitness classes are a great way to get a workout in without having to plan it. You pick the group class, a time, show up, and the instructors take care of the rest while you work up a sweat with others.

If you find yourself googling “group fitness classes”, “group fitness Tallahassee”, or even just “group fitness”, this guide is for you. 

This is The Serious Guide To Group Fitness Classes in Tallahassee. Don’t forget to check out The Serious Guide to Gyms in Tallahassee, and try our small group personal training for free!

These group fitness gyms are all facilities whose focus varies. However, you can usually rely on the fact that they will mainly focus on cardiovascular fitness. Since our gym, Seriously Strong Training, is a personal training only facility I thought it would be useful to recommend places you can take fitness into your own hands together with a group of people. 

I’ve included all the pertinent information you need to narrow down the list of places that fit your needs based on price, location, and amenities.

If you have any corrections or just found this list useful leave us a comment below and share the article!

One more thing–if you’re struggling to reach your goals you should consider hiring a personal trainer in Tallahassee (specifically, us). Click here for a free personal training trial.



Small group training, half hour on cardio, half hour of circuits.

Tallahassee’s original Bootcamp, ultimate kettlebell destination.
Athletic training focused.
Group classes included with gym membership.
Women’s fitness, dance-themed workouts.
Small group training (semi-private).
Bootcamps, yoga, massage, kids classes.
Group class facility, adults & kids.
Group classes included with year long gym membership.
FSU’s gym with a wide variety of classes geared toward students.
Group classes included with gym membership.
Franchise group fitness, heart rate monitors, half hour of cardio, half hour of weights/bodyweight.
Group classes included with year long gym membership.
Group Fitness with free weights, strong community, Crossfitesque.
Women’s Fitness, Barre Classes, Unlimited Options.
Women’s Fitness, Pole Classes, Unlimited Options.

Women’s Fitness, Barre Classes, Unlimited Options.


Seriously Strong Training
Strength Training Focused Small Group (4 People) Classes, For All Levels of Lifters, Ideal For A Private Gym Experience With Professional Strength Coaches
FREE Trial! Click here to claim your free sessions.

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Wide range of group classes, well-trained staff, nice facility.
Caters to FSU students, CrossFitesque.
MMA training facility, climate-controlled, affordable.


***CLOSED AUGUST 2018***

Address1345 Thomasville Road
Phone Number: (813) 748-2002
Hours: Limited hours that vary with classes. They usually run a morning, midday, and evening class every day.
Membership$250 for the 8 week bootcamp or $275 for the 8 week bootcamp and  resistance tubing and gliding discs for home workouts.
What They Offer: Tabata Bootcamp and Personal Training 

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Body Trac is a franchise group fitness facility that combines cardio with small group training. The workouts are one hour with one half spent on cardio equipment and the other half doing circuit style resistance training with a personal trainer. There are four locations in Tallahassee and overall Body Trac has great reviews across Yelp, Facebook, and Google. Body Trac is a hybrid between group training and personal training. They offer some elements you would find working with a personal trainer (accountability, nutrition coaching), but due to the workout structure technique coaching can be difficult in a group setting. Body Trac is usually located in a shopping center, is air conditioned, and clean.


Address: 2415 North Monroe Street Suite 368
Phone Number: (850) 629-4992
HoursMon-Fri: 5AM-7PM; Sat: 8AM-12PM


Address: 3610 Shamrock West Suite 2
Phone Number: (850) 575-8722
HoursMon-Fri: 5AM-9PM; Sat: 8AM-12PM

Killearn Lakes

Address8116 Killearn Plaza Circle Suite 203
Phone Number: (850) 894-8900
HoursMon-Fri: 5AM-10AM, 3PM-8PM; Sat 8AM-12PM

Park Avenue

Address2901 Park Avenue East Unit 2900
Phone Number: (850) 574-8722
HoursMon-Fri: 5AM-10AM, 3PM-8PM; Sat: 8AM-12PM

All Locations

Membership: Onetime fee for new members package: $98
3 Sessions a Week: 1 Month @ $234/month ($18/session), 3 Months @ $208/month ($16/session), 6 Months @ $182/month ($14/session), 12 Months @ $156/month ($12/session), 24 Months @ $130/month ($10/session).
2 Sessions a Week: 6 Months @ $144/month ($16/session), 12 Months @ $108/month ($12/session)
What They Offer: Their new member package includes a heart rate monitor, workout pack, nutritional guidelines, fitness assessment, and goal setting with a personal trainer. Their group classes are 1 hour long with 30 min of cardio and 30min of weight training. They also assess body composition and have monthly nutrition classes.

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This is Tallahassee’s original bootcamp class right down to the camouflage themed branding. Bootcamp Fitness and Training is located in a warehouse on Industrial Plaza Dr. very near several other group training facilities (Kaos, Primal Fit). The owner, Laurel, is an Russian Kettlebell Senior Trainer and Bootcamp Fitness and Training incorporated kettlebells liberally into their workouts. The workouts are always different, incorporate many non-traditional implements, and are done in a large group. This is a warehouse gym, which means there is no air conditioning. This means some parts of the year it is incredibly hot, and in others it is incredibly cold. Just like real Bootcamp.

Address2815-2 Industrial Plaza Dr.
Phone Number: (850) 445-0222
Hours: Check out their class schedule here.
8 Boot Camp Classes/month$99/month
12 Boot Camps Classes/month: $140/month
Beginner Kettlebell Classes: Must call to schedule. Prices are reserved for consultation.
12 Regular Kettlebell Class Pass: $120
Unlimited Membership: $150/month (includes unlimited Kettlebell Classes, unlimited boot camp classes, and beginner’s powerlifting classes)
What They Offer:
Boot Camp Classes: 45 minute HIIT class involving full body functional training.
Kettlebells: Designed to give your a 2 hour workout in 30 minutes. The workouts are built around kettlebell based movements.
Powerlifting: Their beginner’s powerlifting classes are full body workouts designed to teach you the proper form of the bench, squat, and deadlift.
The Unlimited Membership: Includes unlimited Boot Camp Classes, Unlimited Kettlebell classes, Beginner’s Powerlifting classes, Saturday morning Open Gyms, and 15% off merch and supplements.

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B-FAAST is a group training facility with a focus on athletic training. The classes they offer are for individuals with moderate to advanced levels of physical fitness. We have a client that took two classes there and had to be hospitalized for rhabdomyolysis due to overworking his muscles. We recommend you be wary of this in relation to your perceived level of physical fitness so don’t sign up for training you can’t handle. If you are beginner this might not be the gym for you.

Address211 Oakland Avenue
Phone Number: (850) 391-9827
Hours: Vary Daily
Drop in fee: $20/Class
Elite Fitness Program: $97/ 6 Weeks
Executive Fit Camp: $150/ 6 weeks – $125 for students
Weekend Warrior Pass: $80/month
What They Offer
Elite Fitness: 6 Week program designed for individuals with moderate to advanced levels of fitness experience.
Executive Fit Camp: 6 Week program involving full body circuits designed to challenge you and build muscle. Students receive a $25 discount with proof of ID.
Saturday Full Body Blasting: Full body work out with phases of intense movements.
Sunday Target Training: This class targets various parts of your body with diverse exercises to help you sculpt and trim your body.

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Downtown Fitness is a mystery. In my 11 years of attending gyms in Tallahassee I had never hear of this place until stumbling across it creating The Serious Guide to Gyms in Tallahassee. Sorry I can’t offer any more insight!

Address115 South Duval Street
Phone Number: (850) 512-1966
Hours: Mon: 6AM-9PM, Tues/Thurs/Fri: 6AM-8PM, Wed: 6AM-5PM, Sat: 9AM-1PM
Click here to see their class schedule
Membership$50 enrollment fee, $35/month for unlimited membership/classes.
Monday Night Basketball League: $50/season (winter and summer only)
Noon Baektball: $10/month (year round)
Volleyball League: $5/season (winter and summer only)
What They Offer
Boot camp: A cross-training class with various workout stations to give you a full body aerobic workout.
Family Fitness: This class designed for parents and children ages 6 and up. Uses both cardio and weights, families start exercising together after which kids go to a separate area to finish and parents continue working out.
Jazzercise: A dance exercise program incorporating cardio, strength, and stretch moves for a total body workout.
Pilates: Designed to develop balance, coordination, and flexibility without using weights. It is a great core-strengthening workout.
Senior Stretch: Stretching and muscle toning session for senior adults, pregnant women and those with medical limitations.
Step Aerobics: Low-Impact aerobic workout combining the use of aerobic step and upper body movements for a full body workout.

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Drip Drop is a new kid on the block in Tallahassee’s group fitness scene. This facility is focused on women’s fitness in a positive atmosphere using dance moves to create a fun, high intensity cardio workout.

Address307 N Adams Street
Phone Number: (850) 792-7333
Hours: No regular hours, depends on the instructors’ schedules. Classes can be booked through their website.
4 classes/month: $44
8 classes/month: $79
Unlimited classes/month: $109
What They OfferHappy Hour (dance cardio), Pop Pilates, Drop and Give Me Zen, Boost (combination of the other 3 classes).

Our take: Drip Drop fitness offers an enjoyable experience with an energy level that’ll get your blood pumping. The cardio dance class with Bailey is a blast. Her energy and exercise combinations, mixed with the loud energetic music made it hard to not have a great time! If you’re looking to switch up your normal cardio routine, Drip Drop Fitness will leave you dripping.

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FIT AND FUNCTIONAL (Core 7 PErformance)

Fit and Functional is owned by Sherman Rozier and a long time staple of Tallahassee. They wouldn’t give a lot of information on the phone, but mentioned a $25 walk-in rate for classes–that might be the most expensive in Tallahassee for group classes where $10-$15 is standard. Core 7 Performance is the small group (up to 4) training classes offered, and the idea is to progress through the different levels from 1-7 as your prowess improves. This “group training” is technically small group training similar to Body Trac.

Address1836 Thomasville Road
Phone Number: (850) 668-4383
HoursMon-Fri: 5:45AM-7PM, Sat: 8:30AM-12PM
Membership$25 per class walk in rate, further questions about pricing and classes are reserved for consultations.
What They Offer:
Core 7 Program: Small group training based around building core strength and functional movements. The program consists of 7 levels of progressive training. 50 minutes long at 2 to 3 sessions per week.
Indo Yoga: Designed to build core strength and stability through full body yoga movements on an unstable surface (the indo board). Includes varying levels of instability for individuals at different skill levels.
Active Isolated Stretching: A hour long stretch session designed to relax your body and improve mobility.

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They offer a wide variety of classes from Bootcamp to TRX training, even classes for kids. Besides their group training experience they offer a wide variety of coaching services and personal training.

Address2760 Capital Circle NE
Phone Number: (850) 629-4806
HoursMon-Fri: 5AM-7PM, Sat: 8AM-3PM
See full class schedule here.
MembershipQuestions about pricing and classes are reserved for consultations.
What They Offer(AM)aign Challenge, Brickhouse Boot Camp, FIT KIDS, MahlerFIT, Morning Madness, Sports PLUS, Sports Prep & Rec, Strength & Conditioning, TRX Force, and Weekend Warrior classes.

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Kaos Group Training Gym was originally opened as Praxis 360 by some collegiate baseball players who loved CrossFit, and this is reflected in the facility design. After a restructuring of the business it was reopened as KAOS with new owners–Tyler (who has since left to open Primal Fit) and Melissa. Kaos offers a range of group classes, has showers, and is just LARGE. The major downfall of this facility is the HEAT in the summers. Kaos offers kids training classes.

Address2755 Power Mill Ct. B
Phone Number: (850) 459-6082
Hours: View their class schedule here
Membership: Check their classes and group training programs here
Cardio Kickboxing
2 classes/week: $100/10 weeks
1 classes/week: $50/10 weeks
Drop In: $10/session
Open gym
Group Training
What They OfferCardio Kickboxing, Open Gym/Board Class, Beginners Group training, Pure Strength, Kids Speed/Agility, Sports Performance, Personal Training, Group Training, Group Training, Total Kaos, High Cardio Group Training.

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Kinetix offers Les Mills group classes. If you aren’t familiar with Les Mills, it is a company that licenses choreographed group classes to gyms. The classes change design and music every few weeks. Each class has a different theme and is offered across the nation. While instructors change the classes should be largely homogeneous across facilities. You must be a member of Kinetix to take the Les Mills classes.


Address:  3196 Merchants Row Blvd
Phone Number: (850) 765-4047
HoursView their class schedule here / 24hr access


Address2910 Kerry Forest Pkwy
Phone Number(850) 597-8581
Hours: View their class schedule here
Mon-Fri: 4AM- 10PM; Sat: 8AM-5PM; Sun: 9AM-5PM
MembershipQuestions about pricing is reserved for consultations.
What They Offer: They offer a variety of group fitness classes such as Bodypump, Bodycombat, Bodybalance, bodyattack, RPM, Bodystep, Bodyvive, Zumba, and Spin.

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The Leach offers a wide range of classes taught by students at the FSU campus. The instructors must be certified in the class they are teaching so that is a plus. Spots fill fast because there are 40,000 students at FSU. You must sign up online and the window opens 24 hours in advance. They have a strict no-show policy with a limit of 2. Parking is challenging just like every other part of the FSU campus. You must be a member of the Leach (either be a student or pay a membership fee) to attend classes.

Address118 Varsity Dr
Phone Number: (850) 644-0548
Hours: Hours may change semester to semester. View current hours here.
Mon-Thurs: 6AM-10PM; Fri: 6AM- 9 PM; Sat-Sun: 9AM-9PM
Membership: Student: Free/If you are sponsored it is $25 a month (If you are not sponsored by a student or faculty you can not enroll).
What They OfferThey other a variety of group classes such as Barre Fusion, Yoga, Spin, Dance, Kick Boxing, Step, Hydro Fit, Indoboard Sculpt, Pilates, Tabata, and several other cardio based HIIT classes.
Our take: I got a chance to try Leach’s Nole Fit class. The class is designed as a 45 minute total body workout using the variety of equipment found in Leach’s fitness studio. The class has several stations you can switch between with varying intensities for more experienced and stronger participants. The student trainers did a great job of motivating the me and other participants as well as properly demonstrating the exercises. With the variety of intensities you can choose from, even as an experienced lifter I found this class difficult. If you’re a student or faculty member at FSU, Nole Fit will work you hard and give you a great workout.

View updated class list and schedule here.

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Momentum Fitness was Gold’s Gym until 2017. They have since rebranded and offer a wide range of group classes. You must be a member of the gym to take the group classes. This could be great if you need a gym for solo workouts as the classes are included, but if you don’t like commitment you will need to look elsewhere. Still, at $35/month for a membership with unlimited classes that is a steal.

Address2695 Capital Circle NE Suite D
Phone Number: (850) 385-9712
Hours: View class schedule here.
Mon-Thurs: 5AM-10PM; Fri: 5AM-9PM; Sat: 7AM-7PM; Sun: 9AM-7PM
Membership: $35/month.
What They Offer: They offer a variety of group training classes such as Buti Yoga, Yoga, Zumba, Fit for Function, Pilates, Pound, Total Body Bands, Sweat and Burn, Yoga Stretch, Stretch and Flex, Mixed Fit, Ballet Fit, Martial Arts Fitness, Zumba Toning, HIIT, and Booty Bootcamp.

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Orange Theory has become wildly popular in the last few years. The class is half on cardio (either running or rowing) and half on the weight floor using dumbbells, bodyweight, and TRX movements. Each class is focused on speed, endurance, and/or power. Orange Theory focuses on keeping you in the “Orange Zone” which is a target heart rate zone measured by your heart rate monitor. Your activity level is transmitted to a TV and your goal is to stay within the Orange Zone for which you earn “Splat Points”. Much like in “Whose Line is it Anyway?”, the points don’t matter, just like Schrute Bucks.


Address1321 Thomasville Rd #1
Phone Number: (850) 210-0503
Hours: Mon-Thurs: 5AM-8:30PM; Fri: 5AM-7:30PM, Sat-Sun: 8AM-4PM


Address1400 Village Square Blvd #26
Phone Number(850) 895-9683
Hours: View Class Schedule Here
Mon-Thurs: 5AM-8:30PM; Fri 5AM-7:30PM, Sat-Sun 8AM-4PM

Membership: For updated pricing and information sign up for one of their free consultations.
Orange Basic: 4 sessions/month @ $59
Orange Elite: 8 sessions/month @ $99,
Orange Premier: Unlimited Sessions @ $159
Drop In: $28
10 Sessions: $199
20 Sessions: $359
30 Sessions: $499
What They Offer: They offer 60-90 min classes consisting of cardio and circuit training. 

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Premier is a gym on the north side of town. They offer group classes as part of their membership, but the downside is that they require a 12 month contract that is the highest price in town. They offer a variety of group fitness but we don’t feel they offer anything better than Momentum Fitness despite their much higher price.

Address3521 Maclay Blvd
Phone Number: (850) 431-2348
Hours: View their class schedule here. Call to book sessions or sign up at the front desk.
Mon-Thurs: 5AM-10PM; Fri: 5AM-9PM; Sat: 7AM-7PM; Sun: 10AM-6PM
Membership: 12 months lock in contract $60 sign up fee. $65.56/month after that. For more information on pricing them for more questions.
What They Offer: They offer a variety of group training classes to improve general well-being, balance, and strength. Some classes available are balance, barrelates, boot camp, H2O Fitness, Cardio Dance, Core Power, Power Barre, Step it Up, Tabata Sweat, Yoga, and Zumba. View a detailed description of the classes here.

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The previous owners of KAOS started Primal Fit in 2017 to focus on group training with weights. They have a very strong sense of community, very kid friendly, and a range of classes. Because the owners are a husband & wife team, they create classes & community that appeal to both men and women. Their facility is air conditioned, clean, and well-equipped. If we were going to take group classes, it would be here.

Address2930 Crescent Dr
Phone Number: (850) 294-9562
Hours: View their class schedule and book sessions here.
Mon-Fri: 5AM-8PM; Sat: 7AM-11AM
Membership:  Classes can be booked online. For more information on pricing, call for a free consultation.
What They Offer: They offer a variety of group training classes focused on weight training accommodating for beginners to advanced lifters.The group classes they have include Group 60, Beginner 45, Sports 60, Row HIIT, Kid Fit, Push/Pull, HIIT, and Strength. Classes are 45 minutes to 1 hour.

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Pure Barre is a franchise targeted primarily at women using bodyweight movements & a ballet bar to deliver workouts. Many of the movements used are holds, and pulses (small, repetitive range of motions).


Address3425 Thomasville Rd Suite 8
Phone Number: (850) 629-4123
Hours: Click here to view their class schedule.
Membership: For updated prices click here.
$99 for the first month
12 month auto pay: $149/month
6 month: $159/month


Address: 1594 Governors Square Blvd #3
Phone Number: (850) 942-0030
Hours: Click here to view their class schedule.
Membership: For updated prices click here.
$99 for the first month
12 month auto pay: $149/month
6 month: $159/month
What They Offer: Barre Classes

Our take: Pure Barre is a combination between Ballet, Yoga and Pilates and was very challenging. It’s in a ballet style room, my class was centered around body weight exercises and really challenged your balance. If you’re looking for a low-impact workout that involves you feeling muscles you forgot existed, check this place out!

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Queen of Hearts Fitness was started by some of the instructors from Art of the Catwalk (a pole dance studio that closed a few years back). It is a women’s only group fitness facility, and their specialty is pole dancing classes. As far as we know this is the only gym in town that offers pole and chair dance classes. We hear they even offer a twerking class!.

Address1318 N Monroe St Suit F
Phone Number: (850) 270-9347
Hours: View their class schedule here.
Mon-Thurs: 5PM-9PM; Fri: 5PM-7:30PM; Sat: 10AM-1PM
MembershipClick here to view updated non-member rates
Drop In: $14 for Work It Out Classes / $20 for Dance It Out Classes.
Memberships range from $49/month to $158/month.
Call for more details about pricing and memberships.
What They OfferDance It Out classes including Chair Dance, Floor and Flow, and Pole Classes, and Work It Out classes that include a variety of dance cardio, strength, and flexibility classes.

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The Refinery is a barre fitness studio catering primarily to women. They are very similar to Pure Barre when you compare the classes they offer, but we will mention that The Refinery won the 2018 Best Fitness Studio Award from the 2018 Demo Awards. The Refinery has a stronger Tallahassee following than Pure Barre and we believe this is because they are not a franchise. Again, barre classes are primarily bodyweight and focus on holds & pulsing movements. 

Address1817 Thomasville Rd #620
Phone Number: (850) 999-8182
Hours: View their class schedule here.
Mon-Fri: 5:30AM-7:45PM; Sat: 7:30AM-9:45AM; Sun: 1PM-4:30PM
Membership: View updated prices and schedule classes here.
What They OfferBarre classes. Offer “release, revive, and retain”.

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Sweat Therapy is the quintessential Tallahassee group training facility. They offer a wide range of classes that are very popular in town. Their classes are typically fast paced, and their trainers must go through a shadowing process before becoming instructors. Sweat Therapy is a high quality group fitness studio and definitely worth checking out.

Address1122 Thomasville Rd
Phone Number: (850) 222-1781
Hours: View their class schedule here.
Membership: For the most up to date prices click here.
1 workout: $18
4 workouts: $50 ($12.50/workout)
8 workouts: $88 ($11/workout)
10 workouts: $100 ($10/workout)
Unlimited: $149/month // $89/month for students & teachers // $99/month for Emergency Services and First Responders.
Forever Fit (Senior Fitness): $69/month
What They Offer: They offer a variety of classes such as rowing classes, boxing, spin/cycling, HIIT, pilates, weight training, and yoga. Classes are based around cardio, strength training, a combination, low impact, and senior fitness. For a detailed description of the classes they offer click here.

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Seriously STrong Training

Seriously Strong Training is Tallahassee’s Top Rated Personal Training Gym. 

FREE Trial! Click here to claim your free sessions.

After perfecting the art of personal training, we decided to step into the group training world. These classes offer you the quality of coaching you expect from our personal training experience in the small group setting.

If you are new to strength training it may be best for you to spend some time using our personal training service before moving into the small group setting. This will ensure you experience the quickest results.

Address2901 E Park Ave Unit 1900
Phone Number: (850) 570-6225
HoursView our class schedule here.
Membership: ***FREE TRIAL*** $25 per small group session (2-4 people per session)
What We Offer: In Seriously Strong Training’s Small Group Classes you can find strength-focused, one hour long workouts with a maximum limit of 4 trainees per session. These private, size limited classes are designed for you to increase your strength, build more muscle, and improve your weightlifting technique under the watchful eyes of a professional strength coach.  

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Top Dog was started in 2017 near FSU and they cater to female students. Their group classes incorporate a lot of weights, and I would say it is “Crossfit-esque” (in the most positive sense). I would say their training programs are comparable to Primal Fit.

Address624 W Tennessee St
Phone Number: (850) 572-4684
Hours: Mon-Thurs: 6AM-8PM; Fri: 6AM-6PM; Sat: 8AM-3PM, Sun: 9AM-3PM
Women’s classes start every hour and half-hour 7 days/week.
Membership: Prices are reserved for consultations. Memberships are based off the University schedule.
What They OfferThey have 2 “program” options: men’s and women’s. Both are strength and weight based programs.
Our take: Top Dawg fitness is essentially the meeting of daily written crossfit style workouts mixed with powerlifting. For the men all that is currently available is an open gym layout with weekly workouts written on the walls to complete at your own leisure. The gym seems more welcoming for ladies, with stations set up every day to get a specific workout in. At least one staff member is usually walking around willing to answer any questions to the best of their ability.

I took the liberty of trying their “shoulder day” workout. There was only two lifts integrated inside of the workout where you had to choose your own weight, the rest were body weight, or strongman exercises. I chose the max weight I could do for the repetitions listed and due to the layout of the workout I did not get much out of it. All of the staff have experience lifting but none I was aware of had certifications inside of NSCA, NASM, ACE, or ISSA. The equipment is mostly rogue but the lack of lighting makes doing any lifting away from the very front of the gym a dingy experience. This gym is best suited for college students living in the area.

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Train, Fight, Win is first & foremost an MMA training facility. This means that their group classes incorporate elements of MMA training (punching, kicking, bodyweight exercises). Their classes may not be what you would consider traditional group fitness, but if you’re interested in learning MMA it is the best place in town to develop skills and a sweat.

Address2523 Apalachee Pkwy
Phone Number: (850) 727-8421
HoursClasses offered from 5:45AM-8:45PM (last class starting at 7:45PM)
Membership: $70/month with an initial sign up of $50.
What They Offer: They offer martial arts based classes that include HIIT circuits (varied with upper, lower, abs, etc), Circuit Flow, Kickboxing Fit, conditioning, and cardio boxing.

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Keith Hansen

Keith was an All-State wrestler in high school and in 2007 hung up his singlet to attend Florida State University to pursue a B.S. in business management. He wasn't sure what industry he wanted to be involved in at the time, but soon realized after graduating in 2011 that fitness was the ever-constant activity in his life. Keith began studying to become a personal trainer and in 2013 earned the National Strength and Conditioning Association's Personal Trainer certification. After a short stint as a big box gym trainer he realized he wanted to bring something different to Tallahassee. Keith competes in Powerlifting, Olympic Weightlifting, and Crossfit.