Tallahassee's Top Trainers

The Coaches

Keith Hansen

Keith created Seriously Strong Training when he realized there were no real strength training gyms for beginners in Tallahassee. He is passionate about strength and has competed in Powerlifting, Olympic Weightlifting, and CrossFit. Keith is the visionary of the team and oversees all personal training.

Athena Landy

Athena is passionate about glute training. Building booties. Firming fannies. Ladies: Athena is a Glute Goddess. She also happens to be our expert on weight loss. What makes her an expert? How about losing 200lbs in 2 years? Athena is also incredibly strong, boasting a 300lb deadlift. If anyone can be your guide on the journey to lose weight and get Seriously Strong while doing so, it’s Athena.

Gustavo "Goose" Ramos

Why Goose? Maybe it’s short for Gustavo. Maybe it’s because we love Top Gun. You decide. Gustavo joined the team in early 2016 after completing the SST Internship Program. He is the science guy of the team and can often be found reading obscure strength & conditioning journals in his spare time. Gustavo is a movement specialist & corrective exercise guru, but he is also seriously strong.

Nadine Bahlke

Nadine is our MetCon Queen. Nadine comes from an athletic background and certainly brings that into her training sessions focused on burning fat, improving cardio, and developing fit bodies. Nadine works primarily with women who want to tone their bodies by building muscle while losing fat at the same time.

Brian Reynolds

Brian is everyone’s favorite member of the team. He raps. He dances. He keeps the rest of us laughing every day. Brian is a member of the 1,000lb club at 160lbs body weight and a graduate of the SST Internship Program. Brian’s clients are primarily men looking to build lean muscle mass while dropping unwanted fat.

Andrew Cao

Andrew is a seasoned personal trainer & powerlifter with a specialty in rehabilitation and a Bachelor’s Degree in Exercise Physiology. At age 12 Andrew earned a Youth World Champion title in Martial Arts. On Instagram he is known as “sumowrestlerrr” but he isn’t Japanese, and he has never wrestled. We don’t get it either.

Adam LaBossiere

Adam is hands-down the nicest guy on the planet. Compliments? Check. Smiles? Yup. Adam was hired before we even had a chance to discuss it. Dude is charming. That’s what makes him truly excel as a strength trainer–he does the personal side of personal training so well. We took his raw personal skills, combined them with technical knowledge, and created a monster of a coach.