Adam LaBossiere


Areas of Expertise

-Cardiovascular Fitness

-Introductory Strength Training

-Functional Strength

-Confidence Building


Adam started lifting weights out of necessity for his first love–Motocross Racing. He began Motocross at ten years old and as he grew so did the bikes he rode. When Adam moved up to the 450cc class he couldn’t get away with only having good cardiovascular fitness. He had to put on some strength, and some mass. Adam scouted his local YMCA and began lifting weights. He quickly went from 130lbs to 160lbs and hasn’t stopped lifting weights since.

Adam’s specialization is making newcomers to the gym feel welcome. If you haven’t stepped foot in a gym before, or if free weights are frightening, Adam is the guy for you. He understands what it’s like to walk into a gym for the first time with no idea what you are doing. Adam will help build your confidence in the gym by breaking everything down until it seems easy, and then he will help you put it all back together.

Adam hails from America’s largest city–Jacksonville, Florida. In addition to competing in Motocross Adam is an adept trumpet player & a member of FSU’s Marching Chiefs. Adam comes from a family of dedicated, never-say-die Noles, and after high school there was no choice but to move to Tallahassee. Adam met Gustavo through the Exercise Physiology program and the rest is history. He holds a B.S. in Exercise Physiology.



-NSCA Certified Personal Trainer