Brian Reynolds

Buff Bro
Marketing Man


-Biceps & Triceps Development

-Chest/Pec Mass Building

-Traps & Shoulder Hypertrophy

-Maximal Strength-to-Bodyweight Performance


Brian competed in weightlifting and played football in high school before coming to FSU to study Exercise Physiology. His personal training career began at the FSU Leach Center where he worked under Gustavo while studying for the NSCA Certification Exam. Although Brian began college majoring in Exercise Physiology he has switched to the School of Business to study Marketing.

Brian is the funny guy on the team, the memester, and an all around expert on internet culture. And rap. And Naruto. And the stock exchange. Board games. Amateur zoologist. Renaissance Man. This brings the entertainment factor of his sessions from 10 to 11. His specialties are in developing muscle mass for men in their upper bodies. Brian’s upper body development programs are second-to-none, and are designed to build mass before chiseling it down.

Brian began the SST Internship Program in the summer of 2017 and officially joined the team in August 2017 as a strength trainer. Brian is responsible for Seriously Strong Training’s presence on social media, and does much of the behind-the-scenes work on our marketing efforts. He is on track to complete his B.S. in Marketing in Spring 2019.


-NSCA Certified Personal Trainer