Nadine Bahlke

MetCon Maiden.


-Metabolic Conditioning/Cardiovascular Fitness

-Core Training

-Lean Muscle Building for Women

-Glute Shaping & Building


Nadine is another client-turned-trainer and a product of the SST Internship Program. Nadine grew up watching her mother work as a certified personal trainer in Michigan, and Nadine began her own fitness journey as a gymnast at eight years old. Her career as a gymnast ended with two knee surgeries at eighteen years old, but only after winning the state championship for bars. After gymnastics she entered into the CrossFit box, became a certified coach, and then came to Seriously Strong Training to perfect her form. Fast-forward a year and we asked her to join our team as a strength coach.

Because of her knee surgeries Nadine has learned what it takes to come back from serious injury–both the mental & physical recovery. Life as a gymnast had it’s own pressures: grueling practices, long hours, and the body image issues that come with the pressure to maintain a low body weight. It took some years but Nadine successfully repaired her knee, and her relationship with food finally finding balance in her diet.

Nadine’s gymnastics background has taught her how to help clients develop strong, slim midsections. Her beginnings in CrossFit have shaped her HIIT conditioning workouts. Athena’s influence as Nadine’s mentor is shown in her affinity for glute training programs. Nadine is finishing her Bachelor’s Degree in Exercise Physiology at FSU in the Fall 2017 and will take a gap-year before beginning the Master’s program. Nadine was born in Michigan to German immigrants where she has lived most of her life. She is a dual-citizen of the USA & Germany, and attended her earliest school years in Japan.


-NSCA Certified Personal Trainer

-CrossFit Level 1 Coach