Athena Landy

Glute Goddess
Director of Operations


-Strength Training for Weight Loss

-Weight Loss Nutrition

-Firming & Toning

-Glute Development


Athena’s fitness journey started in late 2014 when she came to Seriously Strong Training to learn strength training. After an hour-long discussion on nutrition Athena flipped the switch and dove head-first into a transformation. Four strength training sessions each week, multiple conditioning workouts on her own, and 100% compliance to her new way of eating. The results? Earth-shattering. 200lbs of fat loss in 2 years. All the weight loss turned into strength gain: 300lb squat, 300lb deadlift, 140lb bench press, 1005lb sled pulls. Yea, she’s stronger than you.

Athena’s journey has completely shaped her training style. She took what Keith taught her about strength training, applied it to herself, and made it her own. Now Athena’s training programs are focused on shedding stubborn pounds of fat, instilling healthy eating habits in her clients, and building bodacious booties. When it comes to applying strength training to fat loss, and backing it up with good nutrition, Athena talks the talk, and certainly walks the walk.

There came a time when there was nothing left to teach her as a client, and it was that day we asked her to join the team. Since May 2016 Athena has become a critical part of the team as a personal trainer, strength coach, and as the operations manager. She is known around the gym for her great listening skills, playing mother to all, and being everyone’s best friend. Athena was born in New York City and moved to Tallahassee at four years old. She earned her Associate’s Degree at TCC before leaving school to create Bare Waxing, but left her salon to pursue her true passion with Seriously Strong Training.


-NSCA Certified Personal Trainer