Gustavo Ramos

Science Enthusiast
Director of Strength Training

areas of expertise

-Posture Correction

-Mobility & Flexibility

-Injury Prevention

-Injury Rehabilitation


Gustavo’s weightlifting career started at age 15 when he began training with a family friend who worked as a personal trainer. Like anything Gustavo does he dove head-first into exercise and learned as much as he possibly could. Every article, study, YouTube video he could find was consumed. He started FSU’s Exercise Physiology program in 2015 and joined the FSU Leach Gym in Spring 2015. Gustavo quickly rose to the top position at the Leach Center, Student Director, and was in charge of training new personal trainers.

Gustavo is first and foremost a movement specialist. He is a great strength coach, but what really makes him tick is identifying faulty movement patterns and coming up with fixes for old injuries. Gustavo’s method to training is to first assess a client and then address their unique issues. All of us have some sort of imbalances: a left arm that’s weaker than the right, a leg bigger than the other, or poor posture from sitting at a computer too long. He is the master of spotting pain points, asymmetries, and poor movement patterns. His training programs address every angle to get your body back to moving the way it should with better posture & less pain while building muscle mass.

Gustavo joined the team in early 2016 after completing the SST Internship Program. Gustavo is responsible for the hiring & training of all new strength trainers. He takes the ideas from Keith’s head and makes them a reality. He is a native of Peru, moved to the USA at four years old, and earned his citizenship at fourteen. Gustavo holds a B.S. in Exercise Physiology and is currently pursuing his Master’s Degree.


-NSCA Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist

-NSCA Certified Personal Trainer

-USAW Sports Performance Coach

-Functional Movement Systems Level 1