Keith Hansen

Squat God.

Areas of Expertise

-Strength Building


-Body Recomposition

-Leg Development


Keith’s strength training career started 20 years ago when he wandered into a neighbor’s yard and started bench pressing. Strength training intensified in high school to support his years as an all-state wrestler, and continued through four years at FSU in the Business Management program. After graduation in 2011 Keith began studying to become a personal trainer while competing in Powerlifting & Olympic Weightlifting.

Keith is the technique junkie of the team. Keith is a world-class squat coach and is a master of the barbell. Personal trainers across Tallahassee come to him to perfect technique and to learn how they can apply that coaching to their own clientele. Keith’s specialty is helping clientele grow stronger while dropping their body fat percentage.

Keith’s personal training career officially began in the summer of 2013 when he earned the NSCA-CPT and began work at Gold’s Gym Downtown. He wasn’t quite sure what his training style was then but he knew it couldn’t happen at a commercial health club. By November 2013 Seriously Strong Training was born and he began hammering out the details of his training style centered around quality movements, effective exercises, and great technique. Keith grew up in the Tampa Bay area and moved to Tallahassee at eighteen years old to attend FSU.


-NSCA Certified Personal Trainer

-NSCA Strength & Conditioning Specialist

-NSCA Tactical Strength & Conditioning Specialist

-USAW Sports Performance Coach