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Keith Hansen

Personal training means you have to work around your clients’ schedules, and sometimes that means six, seven, and, for the truly masochistic coach, eight personal training sessions in a row. When you’re training like that, there’s no time to have a proper meal. As soon as you get the chance, you want something healthy and need it now.

Sometimes, you only have a short break between sessions, and you need to be able to go somewhere, grab food, eat, and get back for your next client, all while keeping the food healthy and affordable.

So over the last five years of working as personal trainers in St. Pete we’ve scoped out all the best spots you can hit up with you are on a time crunch and want some healthy food that isn’t going to break the bank.

All of these restaurants are close to our St. Pete personal training gym so if you’re near DTSP you’ll have easy access.

1. Cava


Cava is located on 4th St. N between 13th & 14th Ave N. in a little plaza on the west side of the road. This restaurant is just a few years old, so it feels new, clean, and modern.

All of the calorie counts are listed for each ingredient so there are no surprises.

Your two major choices are between a bowl and a pita wrap. I recommend going with the bowl if you are trying to keep your calories lower.

The fare at Cava is Mediterranean, which means you can find rice (both white and brown), black lentils (high in fiber and protein), or green beans as a base. You can go all in on one of these bases, or do a mix.

Next, you can choose up to three scoops of a dip/spread that serve as little flavor bombs during eating. My favorites are the Tzatziki, Crazy Feta, and Harissa (pronounced Ha-ree-suh). The Red Pepper Hummus clocks in at the lowest calories of all the options at just 30 calories per scoop.

Once you have your flavor bombs nestled carefully in your bowl it’s time for the most important part–PROTEIN! There are even a few vegetable options to serve in place of protein, but my go-to is the grilled chicken. You can mix/match proteins here if you’re indecisive.

After your main is chosen you will pick toppings (mostly vegetables), and lastly, a dressing on top.

The bowls are so large most people can divide into two meals.

2. Twisted Indian

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Twisted Indian is fast-casual foodtruck style Indian food. Unlike full-blown Indian restaurants, Twisted Indian keeps the menu very short and easy to understand.

You can order chicken, lamb, tofu, paneer, or spicy cauliflower in a few differnt formats.

I recommend the rice bowl if you are being calorie conscious.

I strongly recommend the fries bowl if you want to eat one of the best dishes in St. Pete.

I know this is supposed to be focused on healthy eats but seriousl you have to experience their seasoned sidewinder fries covered in chicken tikka marsala at some point in your life.

The dishes always come with some greens, cabbage, and chickpeas to round out the flavors.

BEWARE!!! They are closed on Mondays /sadface, and that seems to always be the day I crave Twisted Indian the most.

3. Casita Taqueria

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Casita is the closest restaurant to Seriously Strong Training on this list, and it’s also the most affordable, so our personal trainers go here a lot.

Casita has fast casual texmex food, and if you’re looking to find a big, low calorie meal at a healthy price, you need the Casita Bowl.

Choose your meat (the pollo tinga is a good lower calorie option), and it comes with rice,beans, guac, queso fresco, crema, cilantro, and pico de gallo. Choose the three corn tortillas instead of the chips if you are keep calories down.

This is a filling meal and some people can split it into two sittings.

And the best part? It’s under $10!

Of course Casita has many other offerings like tacos, burritos, salads, and tortas. The torta is like a mexican sandwich and it is tastyyy.

4. Fresh Kitchen

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Fresh Kitchen is near and dear to hearts and stomachs of our personal trainers.


Because everything here is done so well.

The food is healthy, the restaurant is clean, the staff attentive and friendly, and the experience is consistent every time.

Fresh Kitchen is another one of St. Pete’s bowl-type restaurants serving up delicious options just a little north of DTSP on 4th St.

I recommend going with the Six Bowl (2 proteins, 2 bases, 2 veggies) because it gives the most protein, and it’s great to eat later if you cannot do it all in one sitting.

The sweet potato noodles are to die for, as are the mushrooms, broccoli, and chicken.

You cannot go wrong with anything at Fresh Kitchen.

5 . Floribbean

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Floribbean is just around the corner from Seriously Strong Training St. Pete and brings the flavor of the islands to the table.

Floribbean serves up island favorites like plantains, oxtail, pulled pork, and coconut rice while bringing together the multicultural influences of the Caribbean.

There are a lot of options on the menu so it’s usually easiest to just pick one of their signature bowls.

Sweat Heat Havana and Floribbean Chili Bowl are both amazing and you will be stuffed, satisfied, and coming back for more soon.

Maduros are sweet plantains and if you aren’t familiar with them, please do yourself a favor by ordering them.

Keith Hansen

Keith was an All-State wrestler in high school and in 2007 hung up his singlet to attend Florida State University to pursue a B.S. in business management. He wasn't sure what industry he wanted to be involved in at the time, but soon realized after graduating in 2011 that fitness was the ever-constant activity in his life. Keith began studying to become a personal trainer and in 2013 earned the National Strength and Conditioning Association's Personal Trainer certification. After a short stint as a big box gym trainer he realized he wanted to bring something different to Tallahassee. Keith competes in Powerlifting, Olympic Weightlifting, and Crossfit.