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6 Best Horizontal Pushing/Pressing Exercises For Your Chest

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Horizontal pressing is the technical term for something you’ve been doing your entire life. Pushing stuff away from your…

How to Get a Defined Chest

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My cousin is 18, and still in the infancy of what will be a life time of strength training….

The Serious Guide on How to Bench Press

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If the bench press hurts your shoulders, it’s because you haven’t read The Serious Guide to the Bench Press….

Use an Earthquake Bar to Improve shoulder stability

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The glenohumeral joint (the fancy name for your shoulder) is the most mobile joint in the human body, but…

The Best Bar Path for your Bench Press

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One of the first things I learned after becoming a strength coach is that strength training is art. That…

How to Perfect Your Bench Press Setup

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The bench press is the most popular test of strength in the gym. How many times have you heard,…

6 Best Accessory Exercises For Your Bench Press

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The bench press is the most common exercise in any gym. Walk into your local training facility at 5:30…