Serious Success Stories

Athena Landy

Athena walked into Seriously Strong Training in November 2014 at nearly 400lbs looking to learn strength training, and ready to make a change. Overnight, Athena flipped a switch and decided to approach things differently this time. By May 2016, Athena had lost 200lbs* and joined the team as a personal trainer. Now, Athena spends every day sharing what she learned with her staff & clients.

Sean Aultman

Sean was tired of being “the skinny guy“. He had lifted for over a year on his own, but couldn’t get his strength up, and was stuck at 130lbs. In Sean’s first training session, he said, “Training with us is like starting a fire with a blow torch“. From there, Sean’s progress exploded and after one year of training with us, he was up to 170lbs* and no longerthe skinny guy“.

Jennifer Morafates

“There are decisions we make that change the course of our lives.  Although I had no idea at the time, I now look back and see that my decision to reach out to inquire about training at SST was, for me, such a decision. I’ve regained a new sense of self and have found my confidence again—something continues to benefit me outside of the gym…”

Adam Preisser

Adam lives with Cerebral Palsy (CP), and has fought it his entire life. Side effects of the disorder include incredibly tight muscles that reduce flexibility, an overactive metabolism that makes weight gain nearly impossible, and painful cramping during normal activity. Adam was able to add 40lbs* of healthy body weight, gain the ability to dress himself quickly without suffering, and repair his relationship with his self-esteem.

Kimberly Mayne

When Kimberly got married in 2018 she told us that she felt the most beautiful she has ever felt before. Strength training and changing the way she viewed her body made that happen. Kimberly is stronger in ways that impact her life outside of the gym too. Through her newfound strength, Kimberly avoided a horseback riding accident and saved her husband from a tragedy at sea by swimming their raft back to shore.

*Specific results are not guaranteed, and your results may very. These results are representative of strict adherence to a training & nutrition plan.