3 Keys that Unlocked 200lb Of Weight Loss

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Athena Landy

I’ve been asked many times what the secret to my weight loss was.

What diet did I follow? Did I get surgery?

What supplements am I taking?

The answer is simple I stopped eating garbage, started tracking and took my nutrition seriously.

I Tracked My Food

It’s no secret that dieting is calories in vs calories out. The idea is obvious but the equation is easy to mess up if you’re not tracking intake.

Many methods are available to track food and my favorite is Myfitnesspal. You can easily track the foods you’re eating and keep an accurate account of your caloric intake. If you ate it you need to track it.

Don’t lie to yourself and not track the handful of chips you ate. It will show up on the scale every time.

I Cooked my Food

The biggest key to my success was that every single meal I ate was one I prepared.

I found that my options while eating out and staying on plan were limited so the only real solution was cooking. Meal prepping put me in control of the contents and portions of my food.

Eating out on occasion is fine, but know that a single restaurant meal can blow your calories for the day.

I Stopped Drinking Alcohol

I wish I had a super fun skinny margarita recipe for you but I don’t.

Instead, I have this truth for you: alcohol in no way fits into a fat loss diet.

I seriously love having a glass or two of wine at the end of my day but it ruins my diet. I found that when I am making moves to lose body fat I will always see the best results while abstaining from alcohol.

Fun fact: when you drink alcohol your body is working so hard to process the alcohol it sends all of the food you eat straight to storage as body fat. Save the calories for a meal and reap the benefits of a smaller waist and lack of hangover.

Want To Know the Rest of My WEight Loss Secrets?

It took me two years to lose 200lbs, and I learned a lot along the way.

I took what my trainer taught me, what I learned on my journey, what I learned coaching others, and I made it into a FREE guide.

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Athena Landy

Athena came to Seriously Strong Training in 2014 to learn Strength Training. Fast forward 2 years and she had dropped 200lbs while joining the team as a coach. Athena has taken everything she learned on her personal fitness journey and has taught that to the coaches at Seriously Strong Training so even more people can benefit from her knowledge.