How To Do Band Assisted Low Bar Squats

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Keith Hansen

You can use bands to resist your low bar squat, and you can also use them to assist your low bar squat. Both variations create variable resistance in the low bar squat, and the main difference is how much weight you load on the bar.

In band resisted low bar squats you need to load less weight on the bar since the bands will add resistance. In band-assisted low bar squats you can load more weight than usual. This allows you to get a feel for heavier weights in the walkout.

Today I’ll cover the equipment needed, how to set your equipment up, and the benefits of band-assisted low bar squats.

Equipment needed

In addition to your usual barbell and plates, you need a few items many gyms don’t already have.

-Looped Resistance Bands
-Power Rack

You’ll need a power rack or some solid structure to suspend your bands on.

Next, you will need bands. I’ve included a link for some above(it is my belief they are all created equal, just find a good deal). Below is a chart for varying resistances based on band thickness. I’d opt for pairs of the lighter bands(orange, purple, red) and we don’t typically use anything thicker than the reds at Seriously Strong Training. Using the lighter thickness bands allows you to use varying combos of them to find just the right amount of assistance.


Equipment Setup

Your warm-up sets should be done with the bands’ assistance so you are accustomed to the different feel as the weight increases.

Toss one end of your band over the top of the power rack and loop both ends around your barbell. You do not want the band anchor point to be far from where the bar is racked or it will create unnecessary lateral tension. The idea is to have the anchor point of the band directly over the place you will be squatting.


Using bands to assist your low bar squats allows for more weight to be loaded on the bar. This happens by lightening the load at the hardest part of your squat, and increasing load as you gain mechanical advantage.

The biggest benefits for the average lifter to using band-assisted low bar squats are mental.

First, it allows you to be comfortable walking out weights you normally could not squat. This builds confidence & strength in your walkout.

Second, and more important, is that using bands to assist your low bar squat simply changes it up. They aren’t a magic bullet for strength gain, but they do let you train low bar squats in a new way.

Keeping the mind stimulated while strength training is as important as stimulating the body.


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Check out The Serious Guide to the Low Bar Squat for more information on the low bar squat.

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