3 Weight Loss Mistakes I Made Before Losing 200lbs

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Nibin Varghese


We have all tried to lose weight. And failed. And failed. And failed.

I lived this weight loss failure cycle for 23 years before finally breaking it.

That’s when I dropped 200lbs in two years.

Below I share the 3 biggest mistakes I made before finally losing the weight.

1. I tried to do it as quickly as possible

I didn’t gain all of the weight overnight, but I didn’t realize I couldn’t lose it overnight.

The average individual will lose 1.5-2 pounds per week of dieting.

Every time I cut my calories drastically I failed.

My body fought me with fatigue, irritability, and constant hunger. I gave into those hunger signals with a cheat meal that turned into a cheat weekend that turned into a cheat week. I fell off the wagon so much my ass has permanent bruising. 

I had to learn to trust the process. I had to learn that if I was eating well and exercising the weight would come off and stay off—with time.

2. I thought Cardio was Key

Everyone thinks weight loss comes from hours on a treadmill, but it wasn’t until I stepped onto the weight floor that I started seeing the pounds come off.

While cardio is great and will burn a few extra calories it’s not the end-all be-all of weight loss.

Strength training is more effective when it comes to lasting weight loss.

When I started strength training the fat started melting.

Check out this article to learn how strength training is the most effective form of exercise for weight loss.  

3. I Followed Fad Diets

When losing weight you need to understand that you’re making changes to your lifestyle.

“Permanent change in your body comes from permanent change in your lifestyle”

My trainer (Keith, the owner of Seriously Strong Training) said that to me almost daily in the beginning of my weight loss journey.

Embracing that mantra made my weight loss permanent.

There isn’t a magic diet that helps us lose weight the easy way or lets us shed pounds while still eating our favorite foods.

It’s simple: eat a diet rich in whole foods and get all of your macros in, even protein

How to eat for Weight Loss

Understanding how food affects your body is key to understanding how to lose weight and keep it off.

I took everything I learned from my coach, combined it with my weight loss experience, and then I put it all into a nutrition guide.


After learning how to eat, check out the workout program Keith put me on when I started at Seriously Strong. It’s perfect for beginners and you will see more effective results than just cardio alone. Download it for FREE below.


Nibin Varghese

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