To the Girl Who is Worried About Getting Bulky

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Athena Landy

When I started lifting I had a lot of people tell me I should probably do cardio if I wanted to get smaller. Those same people come to me today looking for help on how to lose weight and tone up because 45 minutes on the elliptical isn’t cutting it.

I am here to put to rest the myth that lifting will make you bulky, cause your boobs to shrink, and make you less attractive.

All of that is BS

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Whenever I sit down with a female client a lot of them will tell me they don’t want to get “big”. Well, I have news for you: as a female its pretty much impossible to look like the guys walking around your gym without taking steroids. If you do manage to touch a barbell and wake up looking the Dwayne the Rock Johnson please let me know because I have some questions for you.

So why is this? If you haven’t noticed us women naturally look much different than our male friends. This is because of the different levels of testosterone in our bodies. Testosterone is the most powerful hormone for building and maintaining muscle, the more testosterone you have the more muscle you will have (provided you are lifting). Females can not physiologically build as much muscle as men due to their naturally low testosterone levels.  So what does this mean? Don’t worry about getting bulky.

I also want to touch on why a lot of women worry about being bulky and how it will make them less attractive. If you want to get stronger you are going to build muscle and if some dad-bod is threatened by that then move on to someone that will appreciate the hard work you put in. Personally I find that I am attracted to someone who’s lifestyle is similar to mine so if you’re not into being stronger you’re not for me and that’s OK.

So why should you lift?


What lifting will do is give you perkier boobs, firm legs, and a banging booty. 30 day body weight squat challenges are a great way to get moving but they are not the path to toned legs and a bigger butt. Step onto the weight floor and grab a barbell to build the body you want.

I have had the pleasure of dating some seriously smoking hot dudes and you know how I met them? Lifting. At the end of the day though you should train for the enjoyment of bettering yourself. Training is your time to grow not only physically but mentally too. Everything else is just a bonus.

Let’s get Started

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Athena Landy

Athena came to Seriously Strong Training in 2014 to learn Strength Training. Fast forward 2 years and she had dropped 200lbs while joining the team as a coach. Athena has taken everything she learned on her personal fitness journey and has taught that to the coaches at Seriously Strong Training so even more people can benefit from her knowledge.